It’s important to prioritize insulation removal in Adelaide

Insulation removal is an essential aspect of maintaining your Adelaide home. Unfortunately though for many of us, the job seems to slip down our list of priorities, replaced with taking care of aspects of the house that we can actually see. However, the out of sight out of mind mentality is not relevant to insulation. Insulation plays an integral function in keeping your home comfortable and operating at its full potential. Keeping insulation for too long can cause wear and tear to your home. Furthermore, insulation manufactured 10 to 15 years ago is far exceeded by the current insulation available. Therefore, it’s important to check up and monitor your insulation to ensure it is not dirty or contaminated.

If you insulation is at the stage where it needs to be replaced, contact our professional team at Premier Insulation. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we are well equipped to remove insulation in your Adelaide home. We carry out insulation removal in an effective and safe manner. We can even replace it with superior insulation immediately.

Why is insulation removal necessary in Adelaide?

There are many different reasons why insulation needs to be removed. From becoming contaminated and damaged, to needing an upgrade or over-insulation, there are many causes.

While insulation remains hidden in your ceiling and walls, away from your eyes, it can fall victim to a range of pests including rats and mice. Trouble also begins to occur when moisture forms within your insulation. Over time, the moisture can cause rotting and cracking in your roof, as well as lead on to more serious and costly problems down the track.

The great thing about insulation removal is it also removes the perpetrator of the damage in the process. Once the old insulation is gone, you are left with a fresh canvas to apply your new insulation.

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