The roof insulation basics in Adelaide

Installing roof insulation in your Adelaide home or office is crucial in ensuring the occupant’s comfort all year round. In all homes, warm air rises and cool air drops, making your house hot in summer and cold in winter. This basic physics principle makes insulation essential.

The importance of roof and ceiling insulation in Adelaide

With the highest amount of heat being lost through the roof and ceiling, it is essential to invest in roof and ceiling insulation in Adelaide. Without insulating your roof or ceiling, you can lose as much as 45 per cent of your heating and cooling energy. This is essentially wasted money on powering your air conditioner or heater for it not to be maintained.

Another high point of your home that requires insulation is the verandah. Many people overlook insulation in the verandah, without understanding the effect it can have on your home. In Adelaide’s hot climate, verandahs can easily heat up and without insulation can change the temperature in your entire house. To ensure comfort all year around, insulation should be installed in the verandah.

Roof insulation and energy regulations in South Australia

In Adelaide, roof insulation is not a choice but a necessity. Energy regulations in South Australia and across the Nation require all homes to meet certain energy level standards and at least a four-star energy rating. In order for your home to meet this standard, insulation is an extremely effective way to save and efficiently use energy in your home. Not only can you be environmentally conscious, but you can also save money on your energy bills.

When should you install roof and ceiling insulation in your Adelaide home?

Our professionals advise to install installation when you’re either building a new home or renovating. During the building process, it’s important for the builder to combine insulation with good design. Design elements include pass heating and cooling to ensure the comfort level in your home is maintained throughout the year.

It is also possible to retrofit insulation, however, it can be a bit trickier. The ease of the installation project really depends on the design of your home. Unfortunately some homes have areas that are less accessible making the installation process more difficult.

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